PEUGEOT 103's for sale

I have two complete 103's that do not run and a parts bike i just dont want anymore. they are both super clean and i have the title for one of them, that bike only has 1200 miles on it. i bought it thinking it needed a carb form sitting soooo long. Bought a Delorto but that didnt fix it and now they all just sit in my basement. the other one i dont know what it needs but i can say its an odd "hardtail" 103sp with a solo seat. they are both in very very good condition.

I'm 36 and with a new baby i just dont need this stuff sitting around.

i spent some money on these and would like it back. hope to sell it all together. i can deliver them within a reasonable distance as well

email me, i can send pics if wanted.



Re: PEUGEOT 103's for sale

Hey i just e-mailed you through AOL. I'll be in NJ by the end of the month. I would like t see it to buy it let me know.

Re: PEUGEOT 103's for sale

maybe sell the whole engine with delorto?

Re: PEUGEOT 103's for sale

if the odd "hardtail" does not have shocks on the back I would like some pics and I will figure out a way to get it to michigan. please email me at thanks.

Re: PEUGEOT 103's for sale

ugh, nick. you already have too many projects!

Re: PEUGEOT 103's for sale

Nick. He wants to sell them all together.....otherwise, I have already e-mailed him and have dibs on the rigid over you. Finish a bike before you keep buying more you can't build.

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