WTT: motor for puch kit.

i have a Lincon 110cc four stroke motor that is about 18 in long and 12 in wide that i was planning on putting onto a frame because it is a little smaller than a normal lifan because of some racer mods. I believe it is a 4 speed.

Comes with carb intake exhaust cdi box electronics, no kick lever or shift lever. Ran good before taken off a pos pocket bike that was so shitty that after 1 jump the frame broke in half.

I also have an e50 bottom end that needs stator and flywheel.

LOOKING for a puch kit or something that would fit on my puch motor. I need a fast racer kit, like a polini or metra 80 or gilardoni or maybe something else that is super fast?

let me know what yous got.

email me or just reply here.

Re: WTT: motor for puch kit.

bump, will also trade for a puch proma circuit.

Re: WTT: motor for puch kit.

who wants a crazy sick fast 4 stroke?

Re: WTT: motor for puch kit.


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