Re: FS or Part out - 1980 Fantic Concord XKE

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he's right, pictures are worth a thousand words. and when you post one shitty pic of the item you are selling, how can you make an educated offer without seeing it in person, or at least getting an honest description from the seller?

and if you drive over an hour to get something only to find out that the item is A COMPLETE PILE OF JUNK, well then guess what you are going to feel DECEIVED.

Re: FS or Part out - 1980 Fantic Concord XKE

Hey-I sent you an email. Shoot me pics and let me know condition of the za! Thanks.

Re: FS or Part out - 1980 Fantic Concord XKE

The V1 is pending trade!!

To Seth. I hope you're reading.

I personally am 100% satisfied with my buy! I couldn't care less about the front half of that trike. The M56 on that thing was rusted shut, but I don't need it. Maybe one or two parts that are still decent, but it's an anchor for all I care.

Also, I wasn't upset about the bike. I was upset that you told some other guy to come and pick it up and you told me the same thing. What you failed to mention to ME, however, was that someone else was coming to buy it. You told the other guy, but not me? That's what pisses me off.

If I had driven 150+ miles out there and had to drive 150+ miles back and I spent like $35-$40 to fill my tank after the trip, don't you think I'd have a right to be fucking irate if you'd have sold that bike before I got there? I told you I was coming, not maybe I'll be there, maybe not. I said 'cash in hand' and 'I WILL be there after work' and I was. If it wasn't so windy, I might have gotten there sooner. Either way, I was 100% honest with you, and I expected the same from you.

Notice how I pulled out my wallet when you mentioned the other guy? I wanted that trike more than any other ped I've tried to buy. I almost traded you a 72 Honda for it dude.


I really hope he's reading this.

Oh, and I'd still love to deal with you again. Just don't tell anyone else to come get the shit you've pretty much promised me. Serious, holler at me if you find out about your cousin's bikes, duder.

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