motobecane shirts

so me and my buddy were both wishing that we could find a motobecane shirt. we couldn't find any so we thought it would be easy enough to screen print some. well now we're about 6 or 7 hundred into it not to mention countless hours. now we have to hawk some of these shirts to try to recoup the losses incurred by our adopted child from el salvadores lung and eye transplant.

they're printed on American Apparel t shirts, so do your part to help the economy. ya cheap bastard

270314072438 is the ebay item number

if you want to buy direct from the factory, it's $23 shipped.

holler at a player,

let me know if you have a good bottom end for an av7 too.


Re: motobecane shirts

Re: motobecane shirts

Hey, I was going to call B.S. on the American Apparel "support the economy" statement, but then I did my background research:

"Wikipedia Link":

They pay people actual monies to make cotton clothing in the United States! Damn straight - I thought their name was just a gimmick.

Nice work, nice choices. Now do the Peugeot lion.


P.S. - Eye transplant? Eye. F%&#ing. Transplant.

Well, buy American, I guess...

Re: motobecane shirts

i think that would be cool. there's a lot of different versions. i think i like the 1980 style

i'm doin it

Re: motobecane shirts

is that a hand in your pants, or are you just happy to see me.

couldn't resist.

Re: motobecane shirts

yeah i'm a fuckin idiot. i tried to do some vato loco type stance, but now it just looks like i'm trying to do some pose.

Re: motobecane shirts

did you get those puch shirts done yet? can you pick them up locally?

Re: motobecane shirts

Jim- we got those puch shirts up today.

I'll meet up with you if you want to pick em up locally, email me.

"PUCH on Etsy":

"Motobecane on Etsy":

Ebay auctions should be up tomorrow.


Re: motobecane shirts

I would like one of these, should I just email you

Are you going to be doing other designs?

Maybe Vespa ones?

Re: motobecane shirts

yeah, you can paypal me direct if you want.

it seems like there are a lot of vespa shirts available already. is anyone else interested? maybe if a few people wanted them.

lemme know

Re: motobecane shirts

st. paul sam /

I might have to grab one of these. How much do you want for local?

Re: motobecane shirts

20 bones.

Re: motobecane shirts


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