Feeler: Four Moby 50Vs, and a Silver Moby Traveler

I'm in the process of working on my AV10 project, and there are too many Moby's in the garage. Trying to clear out a few of them! Gauging interest on the following:

1) Red 50V with dellorto carb - in good condition $475

2) Blue 50V with dellorto carb (originally bought from Chris - mabecane) - good condition 2000mi, runs at 30+ no problem - $700 (I paid $1100 shipped)

3) Blue 50V with gurtner - nice condition with around 2000mi, needs a tune up to get up and running $325

4) Orange 50V with gurtner - nice shape 2000mi, needs a good tune up to get up and running $325

5) Silver Traveler with approx 2000 miles as well - comes with a semi-complete gurtner- was taken apart to ship out, and has not been put back together. Guaranteed to have a properly functioning engine $250

Drop me a line at ngwisner@yahoo.com if interested.

Location is Jacksonville Florida.

Pictures can be provided upon request

Thanks again

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