???Brake switches???

My 1980 General 5-Star is missing the brake switches for the front and rear. Are these pretty much universal or are they mostly bike specific? I can see the holes where they go on both brake handles but the switches are completely gone. Any help or parts that would work are appreciated. Thanks :)

???Brake switches???

I hope that this is not mis-categorized, I am looking to buy the right ones.

Re: ???Brake switches???

King Drunky JCams /

I'm kinda in the market myself.

Bump for a good cause...

Re: ???Brake switches???

They make 2 types (that I know of)




These are 2 sources that I have found. I am not sure which is which. I think one is normally on and one is normally off. Something like that.

Re: ???Brake switches???

Great info, Thanks Joe. This definitely sould steer me on the right track.

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