Trade: Puch SnowFlakes + Spokes for shitty 5stars

I have a decent set of Puch Snowflakes, they are spraypainted black and some of the paint is coming off, but other than that they are good, have all the inners and whatnot, I also have a set of spoked wheels from a maxi, not sure if they are 16-17'' tho, but the snowflakes are 17'' for sure. Both come with tires, the spoked ones are good condition, the snowflakes are perellis and look like 2.5's , dry rotted tho. I want to trade all these for a decent set of puch 5stars, I plan on sandblasting/powdercoating them so could care less how they look, just no bends/broken bits. Any takers? Will ship them with overnight delivery from Fedex (free at my work)

thanks and super perfundo on the early eve of your day!

Re: Trade: Puch SnowFlakes + Spokes for shitty 5st

Free at work... Haha. Someone is paying for that shit. Don't get caught.

Re: Trade: Puch SnowFlakes + Spokes for shitty 5st

if you dont get any bites on those snowflakes i need a front one baddd.. have a few trades but no wheels.

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