honda n 50 parts

have a lot of "junk" I want to get rid of. prefer some body with a truck in or near mid Missouri to come and take it all.

Trying to include some photos from photobucket -hope it works

![/IMG] !

Re: honda n 50 parts

so much for photobucket will send by attachment....


Re: honda n 50 parts

more photos


Re: honda n 50 parts

one more to go....


Re: honda n 50 parts

last one I'm going to post for now---have more like frames, handlebars,wiring haness, carb. parts. side covers if I have to "part out will wait till after the first of the year


Re: honda n 50 parts

whatcha want for the whole shit ton ?

Re: honda n 50 parts

Damn, if you want to ship I would buy a ton of that shit. Wish I was closer I would totally come buy a ton of it.

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