WTB Vespa motor

I have a fucked up moped motor, yes it runs, but some dumbass welded the flywheel onto the crank. If somebody has a running motor, I'll buy it for $100. All I need is the motor with the clutch, don't need a carb or pipe. Also, its not a CDI ignition.

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Re: WTB Vespa motor

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

well as long as the bearings are good.....

vespa flywheels arent adjustable anyways.

Re: WTB Vespa motor

No, but you need to get the flywheel off to get to the electronics. It would suck if you had to toss a motor because the points stopped working.

Re: WTB Vespa motor

I have a motor for you. email me direct.


Re: WTB Vespa motor

i have one from a 78 grande. email me if you are still looking.

Re: WTB Vespa motor

go with mikdabike, I've bought ton from him , all as decribed. does trade ins too

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