FS/FT : a55 last try



i need lots of puch parts.

I need everything but a frame.


e50 bottom end, forks+bearings/cups, spoke wheels, headlight assembly, ect.

Cash monies + any trades = love.

last try, its gonna go on fleabay in a few days. =(

Re: FS/FT : a55 last try

complete e-50 bottom end complete with coil, set of tomos forks, a magnum topend. murry head light bucket and ring. what else you want?

Re: FS/FT : a55 last try

John Joedicke /

E-mail sent

Re: FS/FT : a55 last try

Don't let it go to shady-bay without hollering. I have a 2 hp maxi luxe that I would be willing to sack for it, probably.

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