WTB - Moby Parts Bin on eBay

To winner of parts bin on ebay today - congrats! I am local and I went through the box and there were some things I wanted but could not bid that high. (no I didn't take anything!)

If you are looking to sell the headlight bezel, a key/lock set, exhaust gaskets (2), grips (L+R), fender stay, a pump (if it has hose with it too - I didn't notice those) and possibly those super-minty white side plates... please email me.

Re: WTB - Moby Parts Bin on eBay

I have a working pump for $10

Mike in NH



Re: WTB - Moby Parts Bin on eBay

I had the high bid on this-I bid before I left for work,but did not get it in the end.

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