WTB Batavus stuff

I'm looking for:

Laura M56 header and bolts

HS50 exhaust

HS50 rear wheel black plastic mudgaurd thing that attaches to the fender and the body.

HS50 sidecovers

Laura M56 air filter box for Encarwe carb.

Gaskets seals and rings for Laura M56

Laura M48 header bolts

Holler if you have anything or other stuff for HS50 and Regency.


Re: WTB Batavus stuff


Re: WTB Batavus stuff

bump in the night

Re: WTB Batavus stuff

email sent

Re: WTB Batavus stuff

I have a seat from a regency you can have for 2$ you pay to ship

Re: WTB Batavus stuff

i got a M56 bottom end.

no sidecovers .

good crank, no play.

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