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hi, I just got i think an '83 FA50. it appears to be all ready to start. but i gassed it up.. and tried to start it today and it would not go. i did try a plug that was technically not the right one (i ordered the right one).. but when pulled out it was completely dry. so does anyone know starting procedure.. there are a lot of tubes going in and out of the carb. i think the battery might have been dead.. i am charging it. tips would be greatly appreciated .. i could not find a manual online.



Re: Suzuki FA50 help

Re: Suzuki FA50 help

check your fuelcock, replace your fuel lines, make sure gas is getting through. clean your carb super well, and i don't know how well it would work if you tried running it with a sparkplug that wasn't technically the right kind. and i'm sure you tested the spark, too?

Re: Suzuki FA50 help

thanks for the help! sorry for posting in the wrong section :)

Re: Suzuki FA50 help

i had the same problem. it ended up that i wasnt getting compression because the entire thing was pitted and a piece of crap so i ended up buying another bike for the engine. but the battery has nothing to do with the starting. Its just there for the horn, turn signals and that stuff.

First check to make sure you have spark by keeping the spark plug plugged in but grounding it against the outside of the cylinder. I made the mistake of holding it into place and got zapped pretty hard. but at least i figured out i had spark

If there is no spark its probably the plug that needs to be replaced

If there is spark:

I would go out and buy a can of starter fluid and take the airfilter cover off and spray it directly into the air intake tube. if it starts up you know its something with the carb and fuel lines. if it doesnt start, try try again and take it to a local lawn mower fixing shop or auto shop and they can tell you whether or not you are getting enough compression.

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