WTB: MB5 Gas Tank

I'm looking for a non-rusty, no-holed MB5 gas tank in MA (though I'd be willing to have one shipped if the fees aren't exhorbitant). It's the only part of the bike that's in incredibly iffy condition, and I'd prefer to start with something that's passable over something thats... well, ready to return to nature. Dents are no problem. Color doesn't matter, though the bike is black, so it'd be a bonus if it did match. All I need is something that requires little to no cleaning inside. I'm looking to spend not-so-much, as well, so keeping it under $50 would be nice.

Let me know if any of you have one of these lying around. And, as a hail-mary pass, if you have an MB5 fairing you hate and need to get rid of, I'll take that too ;)

Re: WTB: MB5 Gas Tank

i've seen these tanks go on ebay for hundreds. Good luck though

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