WTB: Moby 50v parts

I need a 50v frame. (can have rust in the tank but I don't want any holes.) That is why I need one.

-Stock Jug(any actually)

-side covers

-pedal cranks.

Other parts needed also let me know what you got. I would also buy a 40v frame if you got it.

Re: WTB: Moby 50v parts

I've got a 50V frame, paint has been partially stripped off in order to get ready for a repaint (original color dark blue) - $10 + S&H if interested!

Re: WTB: Moby 50v parts

got a new stock bore cylinder for 50 bucks, new piston, rings, clips and pin.

drop me an e-mail if you want it


Re: WTB: Moby 50v parts

ez da snow man !! /

dont sell the frame nick i'm sure jt will want it !!! if he hasnt replied to you already

Re: WTB: Moby 50v parts


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