F/S: Tomos misc.

All the things I have for sale as of right now are. All of the parts don't include shipping. Email me for pics or for more info.

1 flasher $5

front fender (in pieces) $10

an airbox with 2 holes (w/o rubber thing) I'll let you know if I find one

20 tooth sprocket (used once)

2 oil injecters

speedo with rubber washer

crankshaft (a little rusty)

left engine cover for the year 2000-down

2 tires 17 inch 2-25 (w/o tubes)

1 tire 16 inch 2-75 (with tube)

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

how much for the 20 tooth?

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

I have a 22T Sprocket if your interested...

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

$20 shipped, considering it's pretty much brand new.

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

Yo Cobra what the hell this is my post you don't sell anything on my post!!!!! GET YOUR OWN THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

If 'rrk0206' doesn't want it I'll take it.


Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

For tomos mopeds you need to modify the rear wheel for the 20 tooth sprocket to fit. But I do not know about other mopeds.

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

yea you just have to put spacers cuz the sprocket is smaller then the hub. i cant get it though so waivinit can take it.

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

how much and what condition for the speedo and 16 in. tire

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

The speedo is in good condition and has 3012 miles on it. The tire is a 16 inch 2.75. It also is in good condition and has a lot of tread

left. It also comes with an inner tube. $35 shipped for both things.

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

Bump anyone need any parts?

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

i need thefront brace which is attached to the front fender. as long as its for an a35 front end

Re: F/S: Tomos misc.

Look you asked my brother Danny, buy it from him.

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