stuff to trade for a moped.

I have some stuff laying around that I don't want that came with a car I bought. I wouldn't mind trading it for a decent moped. With gas prices fluctuating the way they are I think having a good stable of mopeds would be a good idea.

I have a pair of brand new racing seat w/ harnesses:

2 GNX10 DVC Subwoofers + Custom Box

MTX Thunder 240 Power Amplifier

It looks like this:">

also I have a set of 4 18" rims with good rubber for ford focus/honda/etc. 1 rim is cracked. I have pics I'll put up later.

if there is any interest in any of this stuff let me know.

Re: stuff to trade for a moped.

this stuff is in Lakeview, MI 48850.

Re: stuff to trade for a moped.


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