FS: 16" mags

2, 16 inch, 4 V-spoke Mags

rear wheel is a little bent up, but still usable and could be trued at a cost cheaper than new mags


front mag

rear mag




no rust or corrosion

several layers of paint

i have them off the moped and in a box ready to go. FedEx shipping will be about $25 for the cheapest method. This is assuming 20 lbs and 7


Re: FS: 16" mags

What did these come off of. Do you know what they are compatible with?

Re: FS: 16" mags

wow, those are awesome! if only they were compatible with puch....

Re: FS: 16" Derbi mags

these wheels came off my Derbi Variant

Re: FS: 16" Derbi mags


Re: FS: 16" mags

hmmm....seems no one wants them. maybe i should lower the price to $40 for everything, including shipping. i really don't want to throw them away. Especially since i already packed them in a box.

Re: FS: 16" mags

sent you an email.

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