FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

Hey all,

Just racked $250 worth of tickets on my ped so now i need some money. I didnt plan on selling this thing but... well cash is tight now.

I've got a 1979 Sachs Seville. Grey. Thing is in pretty good condition, i've always considered it my beater ped. Starts first kick (with choke) every time, and runs a solid 25-30 mph. Reliable as any german machine out there.

Only things that need to be taken care of "immediately" are:

-the throttleside handlebar clamp is split and on its way out. You'd have to replace it with a magura clamp from a puch or another sachs or anything magura. The throttle works fine for now but this part has seen better days, and needs to be replaced soon. No big.

-tires are both pretty dry rotted, and the rear one is bald from me doing brake skids. but i mean, who doesnt replace tires when they get a new ped anyways?

-No tail light bulb... last one blew and i havent replaced it yet.

-plastic speedo casing cracked off in the cold... whatever

Other than that, thats it. She looks like shit, the original grey has rattle can grey all over it from someone who tried to touch up some rust. The chrome is pretty clean, and free of rust in most other places. Headlight works, horn works, lights work (when you have the bulb).


-excellent brakes front and rear... sachs coaster style brakes help you stop on a dime.

-I fitted a 12mm Puch bing carb instead of a sachs bing, so you can actually jet the thing properly now.

-Has a Jamarcol expansion chamber (from treats) bolted to the header which helps the midrange quite a bit.

-Brand new chain.

I'm asking $300 obo... i really dont wanna sell the thing but if i can get $300 for it shes gone. Its a really great reliable daily rider for getting around town and more... i just rode 30 miles WOT, and i do this regularly, and she did not say a damn thing. bore the bing out to 14mm to match the 14mm intake and you're talkin 30mph solid. Email me or respond to my post here.. preferably email. Thank,



Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

oh PS, ill try to get pics up soon but no guarantee.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

aha i guess i have an old picture after all.

this is her about a year ago... not much has changed since then, though, trust me. imagine that picture, minus the shitty rear basket, minus the speedo casing (well, its still there its just hangin by wires), minus a lot of rubber on the rear tire. plus a lot of new cables, plus a jamarcol pipe, plus a new chain, plus a puch bing, annnd... yea thats about right! the jerkey doesnt come with...


Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

just keepin it up there.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

help a brother out.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

up up up

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

one more time?

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

how much for the motor, carb, and exhaust?

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

Dibs on the wheels/rear wheel if you decide to part it out.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

lets hear some offers so i can make an educated decision.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

Motor, carb, intake, air filter/box, and exhaust

120 shipped?

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

keep in mind this is a puch bing, so the sachs air filter/box is non-existent. the exhaust has a retrofitted jamarcol. dont have any of the old stuff.

ill think about 120 plus shipping though, especially when i hear whats up from the dude who wants the wheels.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

bump again.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

I love all the stuff going on in the background of your picture.

I'm too far away to do anything but bump your post, but what's up with the yellow tube-frame ped lying on the ground behind the Sachs? A Honda?

What about the ATV front end that is painted silver like a parade float?

What were you building that could possibly require this combination of parts?

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

Stephen Pamboukes /

haha welcome to the official Port City 'Peds workshop!

the tube frame is actually whats left of a batavus va... good guess with the honda though. The ATV is actually an old school lawn mower chassis... i use it for trial runs on spraypaint and the such. On its seat is most of a sachs 504 bottom end. I was going to put it all together to build a time machine but i guess i never got around to it.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

how does one rack up 250 worth of tickets on a ped in NH

when you can pretty much do whatever you want on a ped in NH

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

Stephen Pamboukes /

guy pulled me over cause he couldnt see my plate. when he came up to me, he realized the plate expired in february. when he ran the plate, he realized it wasnt the right plate for the bike. $100 for expired regie, $150 for misuse of plates. ive been riding on plates like these for years, i guess its just a matter of time till it caught up with me... i knew i was playing the odds. well, you win some you lose some i guess.

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

that sucks

thats what sucks about having a plate see the cops cant run a mass sticker the numbers dont mean shit

Re: FS: MA/NH/ME - Sachs Beater

225 takes it. anybody?

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