WTB: Maxi Long-ish Seat

Hi, I'm looking for a seat for my Maxi, I would like the longer type one, almost 2 seater with the slight brim on back and PUCH text. Something in decent condition. If not this exact type something close to it. Thanks

Re: WTB: Maxi Long-ish Seat

Re: WTB: Maxi Long-ish Seat

you're looking for a maxi luxe seat. also known as the 1.5 seat

Re: WTB: Maxi Long-ish Seat

does anyone have that seat from 1977mopeds? http://www.mopedshop.com/Puch-moped-Long-Seat-p/3457.htm

If anyone has a photo of it on a bike please post! thanks!

Re: WTB: Maxi Long-ish Seat

I have a maxi luxe seat in nice shape. I'm in MA. What are you looking to spend? Email me direct ayrikzr1vet@aol.com



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