1977 Sachs moped

i bot this 1977 Sachs a few month ago. i put a lot of time and cash in to it getting it up and running. it is just so under powered i end up peddling it most of the time. the engine should run a lot stronger but it has been a long processes getting it to where it is now, i love the thing, it was my first, i just really need money and don't have the time for it. like i said it runs, starts on the first or second try and has all most no rust. I'm afraid i just don't have the skill to get it running to its full potencial. it could be a good fix upper, it is a bit Mad Max which it what i like about it and stronger looking then most peds. it could also be a really good parts ped.

i bout the thing for 800 and put lots of $$ into it, but i know it is sort of a heap so i can go to 700.

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