FS: Puch Dart Cylinder for $2.39

So, I hate throwing away moped parts but I'm about to toss some out.

I put up this Dart cylinder on ebay for 99 cents, no reserve.

No bids.

Sometimes ebay is fun, sometimes it doesn't work out.

So here we go.

I will sell you the cylinder and piston, with ring in good condition for 99 cents.

I want my $1.40 from ebay back too.

So now the whole sha-bang is: $2.39.

and if you pick it up in sf awesome!

If you want it shipped I think it's like $8 ups.

So, $2.39 in SF, $10.39 to ship.

If there is no offer in a few hours, I'll toss it in the garbage.

I have too much crap.

Re: FS: Puch Dart Cylinder for $2.39

If it's in decent condition, one of the Landsquids will buy it. Don't throw it away.

Re: FS: Puch Dart Cylinder for $2.39

Pablo Puchasso /

I'll take it for sure!!

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