WTB Toptanked moped in NY state

I'm vigilantly looking for a top-tanked ped to replace my little mini maxi. I would prefer a magnum, but would consider the motobecane or Sach's equivilant... a top tanked tomos targa would be great too... I want one in running condition... cosmetics aren't that important... looking to spend between 5 and 800 for something decent.

Re: WTB Toptanked moped in NY state

there have been at least 2 toptanks, within 100 miles of you in corning, for sale this month. and one didnt even get bid on when it was on ebay. Which makes me wonder how hard you're looking?

Re: WTB Toptanked moped in NY state

I've only recently begun looking, and for the last couple weeks i've been checking ebay daily... nothing in NY... what kind did you see? maybe i'm not searching for the right stuff?

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