FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 OBO

Sup dudes... title says it all.

Never been used I was gonna use it for a winter race bike project but... well you know the story...

I need the money.

That's why this is going so cheap.

Its brand new except unfortunately I'm missing the wrist pin and clips, which if I'm not mistaken you can just use your old ones... though please somebody chime in if this is not the case.

Worst case scenario I'm sure treats / somebody could hook you up. In fact you could get an entirely new extra piston and pin / clips and STILL save money on this whole deal.

The polini kit is normally like $250-$300 on its own, the 4 petal reedcage is like $70 or so, and I'll even include a cylinder head with the fins partially shaved down to fit a carb on the end of the intake. That's basically like $375 of stuff for $250.

If somebody wants to pay more, you are more than welcome but whoever gives me the best offer above $250 by a couple days or so is gonna get it.

Best of luck, I can also get you pics if you want, and make sure to ask me any questions cause the sale will be final unless there are some crazy extra circumstances.


FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 OBO

I'll take it and can PayPal right away.

Re: FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 O

Alrighty Bry, but I gotta give others a fair chance...

This offer ends at precisely 11 PM Central Daylight Time TODAY Monday Oct. 20th.

Bry has it at $250 and I will ship tomorrow for whoever can pay me by today / tomorrow morning.

Sorry to do this Ebay style but I really am in a tight spot for some cash... Shipping is included in whatever price you pay BTW so don't worry about me ripping you off on that..

and paypal is preferred


Re: FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 O

stock wrist pin will not work, not wide enough. Also, using old circlips a bad idea, but this is still a good deal!

Re: FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 O

Ok, thanks for the wrist pin info...



there ya go fellers

Re: FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 O


bry looks like you're gettin' a deal!

$250 going once, going twice, offer ends in 3 hours if yer lucky!

Re: FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 O

even if i wanted that, which i kinda do i wouldnt outbid somone that offered ya the fair asking price.

Thats what ebay is for.

Re: FS: Polini 64cc Puch + 4petal reeds NEW $250 O

That's why MA kicks ass. Dudes don't want to steal a good deal from other dudes.

I was trying to pinch a few more pennies out of it since $250 was really barebones compared to what I ended up paying for the stuff, but you made a good point in the fact that the buy sell forum isn't ebay. Therefore...

Alright Bry the rules are changed! You win!

Email will be sent.

Hammer is down, deal is over, and a lucky dude is gettin' a new polini and I'm getting a little closer to being out of debt.

Haha good times.


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