Selling '77 Puch Maxi in Cambridge Ontario

It's not in that picture, but I have the peds original air filter too. Back when that picture was taken the bike was running with a vespa carburator that had its own little grill style air filter. But I now have a brand new original Puch carburator on the bike as well as these really great looking silver and black handle bar handles that have like an eagle emblem on them. They are perfectly deliciously tacky.

The bike runs fine but the gas tank is a little dirty and the rear tire is currently flat (has a puncture). The oil seals have resently been replaced. It needs a new throttle cable since the old one broke and the one I have on there now (just so I can start it) is too short, so you can't ride with it. I have one of the side covers for the bike (the light grey kind).

Anyway, It was my first moped, but I have a Batavus bronco now that I like the styling on more and it doesn't need any parts replaced or anything, so 250 bucks and this one's all yours.


Re: Selling '77 Puch Maxi in Cambridge Ontario

roadent$ craig /

DIBS!!!! want to ship it!!!?!?!?!?!

Re: Selling '77 Puch Maxi in Cambridge Ontario

Oh, also, my prefered email addess for inquiries is

roomforadventure -at-

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