Puch Magnum

i don't know if anyone has seen this site.


this guy is parting out a magnum

Re: Puch Magnum

I.R.E. Mike Pee /

I e-mailed this guy last year. The page hasn't been updated since 2006, and this stuff is long gone.

Re: Puch Magnum

haha i'd bet at least two or three dozen people have seen that and been like "holy shit!" and emailed that guy. I have, and my little brother has.

Re: Puch Magnum

Ha, I bit on that about 3 months ago, they really need to update their site.

Re: Puch Magnum

haha i did the same thing about 6 months ago

Re: Puch Magnum

I've spoke with the guy before but its been years since..and yes he hasn't updated anything in an eon.

The last few times that I sent him mail I got this auto generated response that the Boneyard is on Vacation. Perhaps he threw in the towel...

Re: Puch Magnum

i figured thats what it was

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