FS: Hero Majestic Panther

I'm selling my Hero Majestic Panther because I'm moving to L.A. and it'd be impractical to bring it with me. I've had this moped for 6 years and i've kept all the mechanical parts in great condition. It's got a carb kit and has much better pick-up speed than the average Hero. It runs great. Since it's a heavier moped, I've had no trouble riding it in the rain and the wind here in Chicago. It was orignially purchased at 1977 mopeds in Kalamazoo and has since been maintained by Warbux mopeds here in Chicago.

The downside is that I have involved the moped in many stupid stunts, and the aesthetic parts of a Hero can be hard to track down to replace. This means that the headlight, though it works, is cracked and held on with duck tape, the turn signals don't work at all and the front right signal is detached and the glass over the speedometer is cracked. Also, one of the pedals is bent and needs to be straightened out, which makes it a little tough to start because the pedal is at an awkward angle.

I'm looking for $400 for it but since I need it gone pretty quick i'm willing to negotiate.

Moped is located in Chicago, IL, but I could possibly get it to Kalamazoo if there was intrest.

text me (or call me if you must but i prefer text) at 269-267-5921

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