83 Puch mini maxi (dart) Corning, NY

i’ve got a 1983 Puch mini maxi, which is virtually identical to the puch dart. it’s got a single speed E50 engine, with what i believe is a bing 12mm carb. This is a rare ped, but this one is more or less good to go. runs and idles beautifully, starts easy the first time, every time. freshly cleaned carb with a new gasket ring – no leaks. new old-stock pedal chain tensioner aftermarket fuel filter installed, new wiring from the harness to the rear, new aftermarket bicycle pedals. this Ped is quick. pretty much everything stock, and the needle stops at 30 and i can feel it go a little further, probably around 32mph. real light weight, so its relatively quick off the line, especially for a stock bike. This would make a great kitting bike, or you could just ride it as is. i’ve been riding it the way it is for about 5 months. it’s got a 1/2 gallon tank under the seat, and a few days ago i put in a full .5 gallons, so far i’ve gone 30 miles, and i still got lots of gas left, so we’re looking at around 80-90 mpg.

<img src="https://www.mopedarmy.com/forums/discuss/download.php?f=2&file=1223601943_moped_015.jpg">;

as far as the bad, it could use new switches, the ones i have don&#8217;t have the covers. the tail light works, but the break light does not. the starter lever works, but its in two pieces&#8230; a new one can be found on themopedjunkyard.com. The biggest problem, aside from cosmetics, is that the threads on the gas tank where the cap screws on are pretty chewed up and cracked with chunks missing (plastic gas tank). a replacement tank would be an easy fix, but tough to find. but, as long as you&#8217;re not jumping or doing wheelies, you don&#8217;t really have to worry about the gas spilling out. like i said, i&#8217;ve been driving it that way for 5 months.

overall, it&#8217;s a solid little ped, very reliable, with loads of tuning potential. with a delorto 15/15 carb upgrade, a little cylinder porting, and a biTurbo exhaust, this little guy could easily be made to go 40+... with a kit, even more.

at the moment i&#8217;m asking $700 o.b.o. , or possibly a trade for a top-tanked ped in running condition, preferably a Magnum, but all trades will be considered.

Local Pickup only. Corning, NY 14830

reply to this post or email me with any questions you might have. thanks guys


Re: 83 Puch mini maxi (dart) Corning, NY


Re: 83 Puch mini maxi (dart) Corning, NY

i have a 1980 batavus starflite. it runs but needs some restoration before you would display it proudly, or a 1977 solo oddyessy that also runs and which I commutted with last summer. the batavus is top tank, the solo is obscure and hard to find a running model. let's talk trade and or purchase. 700 is too steep for me but if you like the eccentric or a solid top tank, the solo or the batavus should be a fair trade off the $700

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