Honda NC-50 price?

I've been in the market for a moped for a while now, and I've been watching craigslist for anything to pop up. I saw a posting for a lime green Honda NC-50, and I scheduled a time to check it out later today.

What I wanted to ask is, the seller is asking $750 for the moped. I'm having a hard time finding any sort of market value for older scooters, but the few listings I've seen for mopeds similar to NC-50 seem to be in the $250-350 range. I'll see the condition first-hand in a few hours, but is $750 even close to a good price at any quality for this type of scooter?

Re: Honda NC-50 price?

250 MAX.

those things are a dime a dozen.

Re: Honda NC-50 price?

Ian! you obviously aeren't very well educated in Honda scooters,i build and sell them and usually get anywhere from $250 low to $800 high and on one rare occasion i got $1225 for one on ebay.

The one i am selling is an '81 2 speed and it is in excellent shape and runs great but has not title. i respect every ped goer because they respect me but your way off base with that and is you don't believe me thaen ask "salty" we have built and sold many bikes together and i guarantee you that $250 is not "max"!

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$75 for one needing a magneto/stator. With title and baskets and owners manual and a new front tire.

Place a WTB on CL and see what happens. ;)

Re: Honda NC-50 price?

Thanks for all the replies. I'm planning on asking the seller exactly why it's worth $750 considering what the model usually sells at. I really want a moped, but I'd rather not be gouged.

Re: Honda NC-50 price?

Ive never seen one sell for more than 250, to be honest.

It could be geographical locals, but Ive seen literally dozens of them, from mint to rust buckets, for all under 250, with the occasional straggler around 400.

Re: Honda NC-50 price?

That would be awesome if i could find them that cheap!

Re: Honda NC-50 price?


It was over by you,near Beaver Dam.

Re: Honda NC-50 price?

Yeah, I mean chumps will pay like 350 but I mean, if you keep your eyes open, as it was earlier stated, honda sold A TON of these little guys. It seems I either have really good luck or something because I got mine for 40 bucks with a title and didn't have to spend anything on parts, but it was a garage sale find. Expresses are a blast though, super easy to work on, parts are easy to find, only thing is unless you plan on doing some fabrication don't plan on going any faster than the mid twenties.

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