I give up, I'm calling in the Calvary

Aight, here is the lowdown,

I have fought, and fought, and fought with this thing since day one! I’m sick and tired of fighting. I’m not planning on selling it ,I’ve put way to much effort/time/money into her for that.

I live in Southeast Texas, and i’m willing to drive 200 or > to find an honest person who will do me right and get this thing running. I will include a printed out manual for it, list of modifications already done, all the tools and wiring and other stuff to get this thing running right.

I will also PAY TOP DOLLAR to get this thing running. I need it running correctly before October 31’st, Halloween as this is my hometowns homecoming parade. This bike is unique only to me in my area, so I need it ready for this parade.

I live near Beaumont Tx. Area code 77662. hit me up in an e-mail at warheadz_2000@juno.com

I know this was double posted on several sections of this forum, please forgive, just trying to get my plight highlighted quickly.

Re: I give up, I'm calling in the Calvary

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

uuum, i half way read this twice. did you even mention what kind of bike it is?

Re: I give up, I'm calling in the Calvary

OH, it's in my profile. Its a peugeot 103sp

Re: I give up, I'm calling in the Calvary

If you come to Austin you could go to Austin Moped. It just may cost a but load but it will probably be fixed

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