Tomos Bullet - $450

80 Tomos Bullet - please email me for details.


Re: Tomos Bullet - $450

got an extra srt of those rims laying around?

Re: Tomos Bullet - $450

Sorry, no extra bullet wheels. I have a ater model bike missing engine, and harness with the later but not real late mags.

Re: Tomos Bullet - $450

BTW - the 80 Bullet cuts out when warmed up. It still has good spark when this happens, so it must have a leak somehwere. I'll take $100 less for it.

Re: Tomos Bullet - $450

how far do you live from california because im intrested in buying it

but i have no way of getting it unless i can get it shipped

Re: Tomos Bullet - $450

About 3,000 miles. I can probably get it shipped for a little under $200 if you REALLY want to. Email me.

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