FS: Garelli 16in Mags

These have legitimate Italian 4 hole pattern - I also have the brake setup, but not a whole lot of axles or good bearing sets laying around, so it is the wheels and brakes only. I spent weeks cleaning these up, all they need is washed with soap and water and painted to your liking. $100 or best offer.

Re: FS: Garelli 16in Mags

dibs emailing now..

Re: FS: Garelli 16in Mags


Well if he bails, I'm in!

I have the money waiting...let me know: spyke@artificialharmony.com

Re: FS: Garelli 16in Mags

Fuck, I just put out an add looking for these specific wheels! If you dont sell them, I have paypal right now.

Re: FS: Garelli 16in Mags

Sorry friends, I think this guy is going to get them, if not there are 2 people who have dibbs. Also, is anyone interested in some crazy large sprocket wheels?

Re: FS: Garelli 16in Mags

Paypal'd you martin.. Let me know if you didn't get it.. My motron is begging for these wheels.. (See attached)


Re: FS: Garelli 16in Mags

i have several sets of garelli mags i am looking to get rid of. if interested send me an e-mail and i'll get pics tonight or tommow

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