wanted engine

i need an engine lookin for a complete a3 or a35

or a derbi engine or variated minarelli or morini but i dont see me gettin any of those prolly just stick with tomos

Re: wanted engine

come on somebodys gut to have an engine sittin around doin nothing

i dont even care if its siezed if its a tomos i can get parts for

Re: wanted engine

I have an A3, black case, needs a cdi. Make me an offer.

Re: wanted engine

Jake Shaughnessy /

I have a a35. I think it will need a complete top end. The guy i bought it from didint send it with the bolts for the two side covers so it needs some bolts to put them on. I also have a new gasket set for it

Re: wanted engine

just the cdi box or the whole stator

Re: wanted engine

how much are you asking for it

if either of you are not asking a lot il try to buy both then i can just build one out of 2

Re: wanted engine

Tri-ped Dave O.D.B. /


I have an A3 that I pulled out the countershaft to fix my Tri-ped. The rest looks ok. Top end looks ok.

I need a tail lens tall Puch type CEV and a Morini Franco exhaust gasket..You got??

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