WTB: a35 top end

looking for an a35 top end. piston and jug. nothing else needed, but if it has an intake i'll take it as well. may buy whole engine if it's CDI.


Re: WTB: a35 top end

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

I have a moderately crappy one I'll sell you for $25 shipped. Its a little rough, but was apparently running. Piston, Cylinder and rings.

Re: WTB: a35 top end

shoot some pics to my email if you could and we'll go from there.


Re: WTB: a35 top end

anyone else?

Re: WTB: a35 top end


Re: WTB: a35 top end

i've seen a few around someone let me know they have one!!

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