FS: Hobbit in SF

Ugh, hate to do this. But I need to sell my bike. I will upload more pics tomorrow, but here is the profile pic (it has pedals again).

You get:

Rattlecan paintjob

DR 70 kit

Proma Circuit

Malossi Gears

Boyeson Reeds

21mm Dellorto

Kryptonite chain

Spare bottom end, set o' controls, rear wheel, gas tank, shocks.

The kit has about 500-600 miles on it and I ride pretty conservatively. I am almost certain it has never been registered.


Can't ship it or part it out, sorry.


Re: FS: Hobbit in SF

First Dibs!!! Want to pick up today as soon as possible. Please contact me. I already sent you an email.

Re: FS: Hobbit in SF


Re: FS: Hobbit in SF

I'll get in line next for this puppy.

Jeez, I'm fresh transplant from the east coast and I need some help finding a bike out here. Any help would be appreciated.

Get at me,


Re: FS: Hobbit in SF

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

no! why you selling, justin? :(((

Re: FS: Hobbit in SF

Bah, somebody smacked into my car and I have to pay the deposit.

I solded it.

Congrats Silvio!

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