FS 78 tomos a3- Kzoo

78 tomos a3, kermit geen, no spark

Nice little bike, very little rust, mechanically pretty sound, but produces no spark. Has good electrical current through the bike, may just need a new ignition coil, which is a >50 dollar fix. Bought it late in the summer and running out of time to work on it this fall (and I don't have a garage)

email if interested-


Re: FS 78 tomos a3- Kzoo- asking price

I'm an idiot-

$300 obo

Re: FS 78 tomos a3- Kzoo- asking price


Re: FS 78 tomos a3- Kzoo

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Hey Tim, this is Matt, you e-mailed me about my Tomos on CL earlier. It's a shame to see you selling this, sounds like a nice bike. Good luck though, you should find a buyer pretty easily here.

Re: FS 78 tomos a3- Kzoo

You should check your point gap! I had the SAME problem with one of my Garelli's. No spark, had a good coil. Gapped my points to correct specs and she fired right up! I'd try that before selling her for that price!

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