give me your advice...ebay sale

so i do a lil buying and selling on ebay. i got 100 percent rating...cause i'm all honest and shit. i recently sold a 12mm bing with intake and throttle cable. here is the link...

the buyer just sent me this message...

"I recently purchased a 12mm Bing carb from you. This carb is full of rust and needs new parts to be used. I can understand if a carb needs some cleaning, but this thing is totally frozen with rust, and needs to have new parts to make usable. I wanted to contact you before I left feedback to give you an opportunity to make this right. I think a partial refund should be made, because there was no indication in your item description that this item was not usable as is. I think a partial refund of $15.00 would be fair. I'm willing to keep it, and get the other parts that I need, but I am not satisfied with how this item was described compared to what I received. I see that you have positive feedback from others, so I'm hoping you will make this right. "

what the fuck do i do? i didn't crack the carb open before selling the information i provided was minimal and obvious...make, model, etc, etc. i feel like when you bid on used car/moped/motorcycle items with little information that you understand that you are taking a risk with the unknown. of course the good part of me just wants to process the 15 buck refund...but the other half is like...fuck you for not asking questions before bidding and assuming it was it perfect condition when it isn't noted as being in any specific condition!

refund or risk getting my first negative feedback?

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

Jesus , thats an easy one.

Give him his money back. Clean the goddamn thing. Take pictures of it.

PUt it on the buy sell for 75 bucks or wait till someone posts "12mm bing wanted" - as they do every week at least and sell it there.

Thats a tough call man , that thing looks real clean from the outside and you didnt say anything about its inside, but id be bent if i got it and it was all full of rust.

Aluminum doesnt rust btw, so its prob pitted to shit. Thats why you should have looked in there first before selling it, as it actually could be so pitted its unusable. Prob no tho. but id be pissed if i bought a unusable carb.

Its not worth 32 bucks for him to say you misled him. IM not saying you did. I just think it worth more clean on here or to friend then 32 dollars and shitty feedback on ebay.

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

IMO it can go both ways.

You didn't mention whether the carb is good or bad. In fact you don't describe the carb one bit. You let the pictures speak for themselves. My assumption would also be that it's in working condition.

You should have either examined it better, or put AS IS in the auction, and mentioned that you haven't checked the carb/or part out in your future auctions.

If you want to keep your feedback I'd refund him the $15 to show you're an honest seller since you didn't even look inside the carb to determine its condition.

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

i'm just gonna refund him. 15 bucks isn't worth arguing over wording (or lack of wording). and yeah...i'd be annoyed too if i got a rusty carb...or i guess disappointed is a better word...but i'd just bite the bullet and take the hit since i was the one taking a chance on a non descriptive item. i shoulda just opened it and cleaned it. i'm uber pissy cause another kid bought a chain set on ebay off me and has yet to pay even though the auction says that the buyer must pay within 24 hours or send me a email to let me know they are sending a money order...and only contacted me yesterday to tell me he had been out of town and would pay shortly...although he has yet to tell me what shortly means. my first two ebay duds hit me at once! lol.

75 bucks for a 12mm? damn, lol, why?

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

I also sell on ebay and I would say fuck him give him his money back clean the carb and sell to some one else.

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

dude id buy that dirty for 32 bucks just to sell it again for 75

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

just refunded him 15 bucks. i have enough problems falling asleep...don't need something else to keep my brain up lol. lesson learned, case closed.

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

Even though you've already settled this for future reference...

Ebay's new policy of prohibiting sellers from leaving nothing but positive feedback has brought out loads of false claims. As sellers we no longer have any recourse for negative or dishonest claims by buyers. There are lawsuits going on as we speak over this very thing.

In essence 100% feedback isn't what it used...

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

I think people just have to take it into account that shit happens over the internet and shipping. He is right and so are you. Besides who buys a bing 12 anyway?

Re: give me your advice...ebay sale

i agree, rightness can be viewed from both him and me.

yeah the new ebay policy is bullshit. ebay is just bullshit. better auction sites are out there...but they don't have anywhere near the same amount of people cruising auctions as ebay does.

just to note...i did list this first here on moped army to avoid ebay. one guy seriously asked if i would take 5 bucks plus shipping. i don't know which "dumb person" headaches are worse...some of the yahoos on here...or on ebay.

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