POR 15 tank sealer

Bruce Edwards /

I paid $48 for the complete POR 15 tank sealer kit and used half of it. They say the kit will seal a 6 gallon tank.

I'll sell the other half for $18 shipped.

Re: POR 15 tank sealer

POR15 tank sealer is by far the best i have ever used. But I have plenty right now.


Re: POR 15 tank sealer

i used a por15 kit awhile back and it worked wonders. nice thing is that its best not to have every hint of rust removed as the sealant needs the rust to adhere to. wish i had known that before spending a million bucks on vinegar and whatnot lol.

i thought i read on the can that you have to use the sealant (step 3) soon after you open it and its no good to store and reuse at a later...is that right or did i toss half a can of sealant for no reason?

Re: POR 15 tank sealer

Yeah POR-15 is incredible stuff. Trevor and i learned the hard way how resilient it is to solvents. we did one of his mobys and while draining the stuff out of the tank it fucking went EVERYWHERE, pants, hands, floor, EVERYTHING. I had it on my skin for three weeks. 3 FUCKING WEEKS...

Anyway... i wouldn't re-use it depending on how long its been sitting. after it contacts the metal in a tank during a coat session it's chemical composition begins to change. If you plan on doing like 3-4 tanks within a few hours, sure, you can use one can but i wouldn't use it after its sat for more than a day.

Re: POR 15 tank sealer

ryan VanIddeking /

Once you open the can of sealer it must be use and canot be split up.

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