78 Batavus Regency For Sale

I have a 1978 Batavus Regency top-tank moped for sale. I don't entirely need to sell it but if there is someone who wants to buy it, I could use the money. She has about 700 miles on her, she has run great ever since I got her. I got her from a family friend of the original owner, who had kept the moped in his basement for the majority of her lifespan. When I bought her she had only 150 miles. The top tank was originally a glossy black but is now more of a flat black, aside from that the moped is in good shape. I can take pictures if you like. She will hit 27 on the flats easy, and hills are no problem, all original parts.

Shoot an offer if you are interested. I am located in Blacksburg VA

Re: 78 Batavus Regency For Sale


I sent an email with an offer to you.


Re: 78 Batavus Regency For Sale

oh so tempting, especially since im also in Blacksburg. Ive probably seen you riding it. I'd have to take a look at it and hear it run first.

Re: 78 Batavus Regency For Sale

Is it still for sale you never posted that it was sold

I'm in Alberta Virginia let me know

Re: 78 Batavus Regency For Sale

Nathan, I could offer up to $500 for it... the problem is that I will have to drive 8 hours to pick it up. Which shouldn't be a bad deal. My father has friends in your area and it'd be a great excuse to go on a litte road trip with him.

I was looking for a black regency top tank.

theres no possible way i could go over $500, unfortunately...

anyway, let me know



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