FS '04 Tomos LX 60cc kit & Biturbo

This 2004 LX runs great. It does 42mph with my 265 lbs riding it.

The moped is black. The previous owner dropped it on the left side. The front fairing has a crack and two turn signals are missing the yellow lenses. I moved both bad signals to the front and put in yellow led lights.

This has been upgraded with a 60cc kit and Biturbo exhaust.

I am located in St Marys, OH.

I am asking $800. The moped books over $900 stock plus the upgrades cost over $250.

I also have a black 2000 Sprint. It is an easy project. It looks nice. The rings are partially stuck in the piston. The piston is not stuck in the cylinder. I am fairly certain a good soak will release the rings. The Sprint has no turn signals...did not come with them. It needs an exhaust as well. I will sell this with the LX for an additional $200. I will not sell the Sprint alone for $200.

You can call my verizon cell at 4l9.953.oo6o

Re: FS '04 Tomos LX 60cc kit & Biturbo


Re: FS '04 Tomos LX 60cc kit & Biturbo


SOLD - FS '04 Tomos LX 60cc kit & Biturbo


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