Two Jawa Mopeds

I'm looking to make a trade for both of my Jawa bikes for something els. A different brand of moped. I'm just basically looking for a new one to mess with.

First one is a 1980 Babetta Jawa 207/111, I found this bike on Craigs List and travled over 600 miles to get it. I got it with 44 original miles on it. I've put a lot of time and work in to it getting it going again, as it sat for so many years. I've completely replaced the carburator with a larger carb from my 1991 210. It has a totally new seal kit on it, all the jets and everything has been totally overhauled.

I also went over ALL of the bikes electrial parts, and redid what can cause issues with the bike later on.

It does about 32Mph as it is right now. It has 220 miles on it now, as I use it daily. It comes with a CLEAR Wisconsin Title in my name.


Going with this one for a parts bike is a 1991 Jawa 210. It has 510 miles on it, and is missing parts. The back tire is flat and has no inner tube, the carb has a jet someone tried to modify and did a very bad job so all it does is flood out when you try and start it. The engine has great compression and does start (I tried with my good carb, and it DOES run decently). The Thyristor and Coil and both in perfect working order (I tried them on my 207 for a day and never had an issue). Other than missing small parts, and some plastic peics, it's mostly complete, and could be a great project, or spare sparts, since Jawa stuff is so hard to come by

The 210 does not have a title with it.

I'm basically just looking to do a straight up trade these for a different moped, a new project basically! I would like to get my hands on a Motobecane. It doesn't have to be running. It does have to be complete though. I'll consider simaler things. I don't care about titles. Not an issue. I have a spare set of Wisconsin plates.

I will entertain any decent offer. I'm located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, right off I90.

Re: Two Jawa Mopeds


Re: Two Jawa Mopeds

id give you 5 bucks and a beaver pelt for it

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