WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

I'm looking for a couple things from a Jawa.

First off, I'm looking for a Jikov Carburator, any size, doesn't matter. Just needs to be complete and un-modified. I need it for parts.

I also need all the mounting hardware from the rear wheel of a 210, or 207. I need the spacer that slides over the bolt and goes in though the sprocket that is for the peddals. It's about an inch or so in legnth.

Also I need an inner tube for the rear tire. I don't have time to drive down to Warbux for a new one, so I'll take whatever I can get.

Payment will be made though PayPal.

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

Dave Peterson /

Picture of Jikov carb attached.



Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

How much for it?

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

Dave Peterson /

Total with shipping is $25.


Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)


i have a rolling chassis for a Jawa 210.

its purple and white.

ya need any parts?

i got em

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

Yeah I'll post what I need on your post

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

Do the backends of both bikes happen to be complete?

I'm looking for:

All the mounting hardware for the rear wheel, All the spacers, nuts, bolts, washers and anything els.

I'm missing a bunch of parts for the rear end of mine. Theres an aluminum spacer that slips over the main bolt and in to the sprocket for the peddal chain.1

There is also a spacer on the other side of the wheel.

I also need the brake hardware for the rear wheel, and all of its mounting hardware.

Let me know what you would want for all the little hardware peices. I would like to get my 210 up and running. The engine works fine, it's just missing a lot of little important crap

Re: WTB: Jawa Parts (207 and 210)

i can make some of the rear hardware for you, if you really cant find the spacer. I usually have some time after work in the machine shop for stuff like that. but i am in dire need of a coil. also i have a complete carb if anyone else is interested.

does this help? anybody wanna trade for a coil and perhaps wire/spark cap ? i have a gold supreme 2 and i want it to rip!


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