motobecane puller

hey guys, does anybody either have a spare motobecane cam/clutch puller or no where to get one that isn't $20? I really need to set my timing and i'll need one for variator work and they're 20bucks at 1977 and mopedjunkyard is gouging a nasty 30 bucks for them (total ripoff).


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But....they're like, 20.00.

I don't think you'll find one any cheaper.

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They're out of stock and their shopping cart is fucked up. I'd just buy one from 1977 but it'd be $27 shipped.


Re: motobecane puller

then buy a 70 dollar 21 carb and it will be worth your while. hahaha

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true that.

by the way is it just me or has anyone else had problems with the shopping cart at quarterkick?

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I've used a pulley 2 jaw puller with success. Just be careful. Otherwise invest in the proper puller. You'll be glad you did. I must own at least 8 different pullers at the moment. Got them for every moped I've owned.

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That's my idea, i mean if you've got a bike you'll need a puller.

shit's just so expensive...

Re: motobecane puller

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