tomos targa lx used plastic fairings

i had my '97 tomos targa lx stolen 3 weeks ago and i was in the process of repairing the original front fairing, left and right upper and lower plastics, so i have them in my posession still and i was wondering if someone would want to make me an offer on them they were cracked originally when i purchased the bike so i used plastic epoxy to repair them and can have them in plastic primer ready for paint for sale if anyone is interested as i know the plastics individually new cost way too much individually and since i have a batavus that i'm repairing i need money for parts, or if someone is willing to trade the stock 14:12 dellorto sha carb used off that model tomos as long as it is in good condition i would be interested in working out a trade because i need a larger carb for my batavus because the stock encarwi 22 carb blllooowwwsss so hit me back or email me if anyone is interested in the set as i think a used dellorto carb for the set of plastics is a good trade for anyone seeking out plastics for their tomos.

Re: tomos targa lx used plastic fairings

I have a few tomos carbs, and might be interested in trading.

Please email me at misterarcade(AA.TT)

Re: tomos targa lx used plastic fairings

if you have not made this trade ^ I might be interested in buying the lower side pieces.

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