WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

I've email to various moped places across the lands and haven't had the greatest communication or luck with any of them. So now I've turned to begging on the Buy/Sell forum. Basically I have a couple parts I'm in need of.

- Speedo drive: one that fits a snowflake.

- Engine covers: the black plastic ones, both sides needed.

- Magnum MKII fork: unbent, silver and clean would be nice and preferred.

- 1 new Michelin Gazelle (17x2.5): I got lucky when I ordered two but, unlucky when only one arrived.

Thanks in advance for those whom can help me.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts


Magnum Ebr's and shiny shocks fo salezzz

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Thanks but no thanks. I saw your listing. I don't need/want the EBR's or I would had asked in your thread. I'll be happy with a stock fork. Plus you sold them anyways.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

You my friend have no tact...

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

I just took the side panels off my Magnum. Let me check what shipping would be and we'll deal.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

I don't need tact. I need the parts I specifically asked for.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Email sent to aph1979.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Bought engine covers from aph1979. Thank you sir.

Still on the look out for a speedo drive, MKII stock fork and 2.5 Gazelle.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Just got my new engine covers in the mail today. They're rad.

Still in the lookout for some non-rusty, non-bent silver forks and a new 2.5 Gazelle if at all possible.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Yesterday I received some sweet, sweet MKII hydraulic forks. Downside? Yea, it came with no bottom race. Or bottom cone, if you will. This evening I'll take a small flat-head and hammer to the old forks but, that race seems to look pretty comfortable where it is. I've search across the online shops to no avail.

Page 85. Ref # 9. Part # 600. Just, if you're curious and would like to help. I get zippy results on Google.

I'm still in need of a 2.5 Gazelle and I guess now possibly, a bottom race if anyone has one laying around, just to avoid hours & hours of labor.

On the other side of the buy/sell market. I have a set of, I think they are, Magnum II forks, and a set of bent MKII forks. If anyone is interested in those. Both are silver.

Re: WTB: Magnum MKII Parts

Still on the hunt for a some stuff.

WTB bottom race

WTB 2.5x17 Gazelle

WTB snowflake speedo drive

FS Bent MKII forks (silver)

FS Magnum II forks (silver)

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