WTB Honda CL70 in New England. Trades available

I know it's not a moped, but I want one in good condition.

Possible trades include a non running but pretty damn clean Motobecane 50V. I think it will be running very soon.

and even my Sweet rebuilt Motobcane 40 hardtail w/ 65cc Airsal AV10 (not complete, needs carb. I'm working on it....

Any CL70s out there?

50V pic

red 50V


40 Pic

Peach 40(V)


Re: 40 Pic

Get a hold of MopedJay.

He has one and is always looking for trades.

I don't know about Moby's but you never know.


Methuen, MA

Re: 40 Pic

hmm not that i have a cl70 to trade you, but how much would you want for that hardtail frame, if its in the "potential trade item" category? With or without the engine, really.

Re: 40 Pic

I have been looking into the carb thing which is all it needs.

I'm not by any means desperate to get rid of it. I am not parting it out.

What could I do with that sweet and very uncommon engine without a frame?

It's just that the CL70 is a hot reliable daily rider, fast yet not smelly or polutey.

no mods needed.

Re: 40 Pic

I checked out his profile.

he seems to have the Cub AKA c70. Looks like a scooter.

I want the less common cL70 4 speed manual.

Re: 40 Pic

ha yea i just figured if you were considering trading it, then you might consider selling it as well. no big.

2 month bump

I still really want a CL70.

I don't have the 50v any more, still have the 65cc av10 OMG RAD ECT.

another 2 month bump

would consider other similar small Hondas.




no passports please.


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