WTB Magnum plastic pieces

I'm looking for the UPPER plastic LEFT SIDE cover to a magnum Xk or MK2. Also, looking for the trunk lid cover. They can be in any color or condition. Let me know what you got? Thanx!


Re: WTB Magnum plastic pieces

I've got two of the black triangle pieces if you want that...

Re: WTB Magnum plastic pieces

I just want the left side cover, that is in the pic I attached.

Thanx anyway Nick.

Re: WTB Magnum plastic pieces

Bump... I'm still looking for the upper left side cover...Any condition or year. Maybe just sell me your set? I'd pay $30 or so.

WTB: Magnum Left Side Cover

bump ..,,,Who has this "ultra rare" plastic part, for sale or trade?? I'm also looking for a Magnum left side plastic chain cover panel.

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