Moby Varplus

i bought this from treats and decided to go for a doppler er2 instead. its never been used or even mounted. i obviously can't take a huge loss on it or anything, but if someone wants it, i'll give it to them for $75 shipped. treats sells them for $75 plus shipping, so you'll be getting a little bit of a deal on it. my indecisiveness and willingness to spend my rent money on parts is your gain.

Re: Moby Varplus

Fuck. I know that thing is going to be gone in a week....but man, I want that shit real bad.

I'm going to be replacing the clutch on my super Moby it's an ideal time to upgrade the variator as well.

Fuck, fuck, fuck....I literally have 30.00 to my name right now, but next week not one, but TWO paychecks arrive to the tune of around 3,000.

Um....I'll email you and see what's possible.

Re: Moby Varplus

***Kim Jong illest*** /

oh davey, i would have traded you my variotop straight up...

Re: Moby Varplus

i wish you would have told me that yesterday. ha.


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