Anybody Going to Boston that knows Tuning?

Anyone showing up at the rally in boston that knows puch / dellrto tuning?

Ive got this rebuilt e50 ( that is NOT leaking air ) that is case matched to a metra 65cc and a high comp head.

I have a delorto 19.5 on it, a 21 mm malossi intake , and once of those funky malossi air cleaners that are supposed to be good. Its got an esortil.

I am having the mother of all times tuning it...its got a 93 main in there now, and a 50 idle , but somethings JUST not right. I hummed in a 3 shoe , but its either spinning to much, or not enough and the bike has a bad ass case of the low end bog blues. Serious no low end. Like i thing i should be leaving it home and taking another bike bad low end.

Ive got shitloads of other jets - and some idle jets, but ive tried everthing and its drving my NUTS

The timing is all the way advanced - it runs best there.

POints i noticed tonight right as i was putting the bike away in disguest and getting another moped ready to go to the rally - are arcing out,,

which could cause some really retarded timeing? Shit i dont know.

I was gonna gun another stator in it and may still do so tommowow if a condensor doesnt show up in the mail...

im thinking this might explain the fact that the plug chops are looking nice and brown on one side of the plug, and white ( not burnt white, but like combustion white? )


Re: Anybody Going to Boston that knows Tuning?


Re: Anybody Going to Boston that knows Tuning?

ya they are on the way. I just thought i could get away with cleaning em. Points and a condensor are on the way.

sorry about this in the buy sell im gonna move it to the gf

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