FS: 82' Puch Maxi SF SF

1100$ takes it.

-za50 rebuilt by Chriz Paz (ported, performance crank,pucks) and you know two speeds are not cheap to rebuild.

-polini 64cc kit w/ shaved fins to be able to fit dellorto 19mm phbg racing w/ malossi reed intake + malossi red air filter.

-techno estoril exhaust (not pictured)

-hutchinson tires

-new puch long seat

-i have plates for her too.

its not running atm, it kicks and starts easy, but it doesn't accelerate and idle. might just be an air leak but i'm really too lazy to fix it and i recently found a motorcycle i really want and i'm short some cash so getting rid of this would fund it.

this picture is not updated RIGHT NOW it has a 15mm bing w/ polini intake + estoril exhaust but if you buy it ill give you the reed intake + dellorto carb.

i just really want a motorcycle.


Re: FS: 82' Puch Maxi SF SF

just e-mail me or call me @ (650)267-1305

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